Security Awareness

Secure SDLC

Building and designing security may be daunting. Let us guide you through the fundamental principles, best practice methodologies, potential pitfalls, and strategy for your company to harness the power of proper security planning.

Social Engineering

Are you sure your employees can differentiate between sophisticated phishing emails and regular ones? Get a comprehensive training on how hackers get into human heads, how attacks are planned, and what to do to protect yourself and your company assets.

Compliance training (GDPR. ISO27000)

Are there any industry regulations you need to be sure you have appropriately implemented? Let us show you the true implications hidden within the technical legal language..

Execution examples

Secure SDLC

Training is divided into two sessions to ensure a thorough exploration of key topics. Practical exercises help to establish effective security implementation procedures,from requirements collection to post-production support.

Social Engineering

Training is designed to educate your staff about the evolving sophistication of phishing techniques, which now create convincing illusions that can deceive employees.. Our experts will navigate you through the intricate phishing attacks, emphasizing critical steps to safeguard your data effectively.

Compliance Training (GDPR, ISO 27000)

Understanding compliance requirements can be challenging. Our experts have developed specialized training sessions aimed at assisting you in creating compliant products which can withstand audits and maintain a high level of security.

Who needs?

Training sessions will be beneficial if:

You seek professional insights on proper security implementation at any stage of the application development process.

You look to receive a guide-like explanation of the expectations for complying with specific industry standards.

You want to enhance staff resilience against the attacks based on psychology.