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The effective cybersecurity is not heavily invested, but well-balanced between smart resource management and the risks it mitigates.

Security Awareness

To erect a solid and durable building, create a proper fundament. To create a successful product, embrace the best practice approach to development. Application security services would come in handy when it comes to the creation and refinement of processes to make them more efficient and cost-effective. This set of services helps not only to create and improve practices, but also to automate the development, harness the security risk assessment, and ensure the legal grounds for using whatever the developer might need to embody the vision of the business.

Security Assessment

In case you need a second opinion on the company's security posture or a comprehensive plan of security development, a security assessment would be of great value. Our experts would run a set of semi-automated tests and have a friendly chat with a team to assess all pros and cons of the current approach to building security. Our custom assessment plan allows us to easily assess not only the cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environment, but also to dive deeper into a network and the shadow infrastructure to have a complete understanding of what security readiness state the company currently is in.

Security Awareness

The true power of security is not to protect from the attack, but to stay aware of the threat. Security awareness is a set of training sessions that not only would help you to stay aware of new threats and vulnerabilities, but also to train your staff how to respond to them, efficiently verify suspicions, and have a plan on how to predict the attack from happening. Moreover, security awareness training contains vital information about regulatory compliance and helps to properly create and maintain a completely secure product.

About us

SolidSecurity is your dedicated partner in cybersecurity, empowering visionary companies to flourish through secure and seamless software development. With an track record of over 7 years, we've curated a team of dynamic experts to make positive impact on software development.

At SolidSecurity, we embrace the synergy of innovative business concepts, cutting-edge technological prowess, and sensible security strategies to nurture your ideas into fruition.

Our insights stem from collaborations with clients spanning diverse sectors, including FinTech, Gambling, Blockchain, cryptocurrency exchanges, and more. This comprehensive cooperation fuels our ability to provide tailored solutions that resonate with industry nuances and daring vision of business.

To speed up development, fortify your security posture, and reduce time-to-market, SolidSecurity guides clients towards harmonizing security best practices within their software development lifecycle. Our team conducts meticulous penetration tests, ensuring your ideas thrive safely within the digital realm. Furthermore, we enhance the security landscape of your IoT devices, ensuring their well-being.

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